Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Evil Business Trip

So, I've developed an iliotibial band problem. It all stems back to that Pumpkin run 10K which I'm sure put a lot of stress on my legs. But then, rather than taking the next day off like I normally would, I ran 8 miles that Monday night because I had a business trip down to Los Angeles for the day on that Tuesday. So, I thought I could go for a run that Monday night and immediately I was sore in all kinds of unusual places. I should have stopped, but I persisted and ran 8 miles. To top it off, that business trip was a complete waste of time, and so I'm trying to blame that! Really, the lesson here is to listen to your body and take steps after a hard race to reduce swelling and stay limber.

Anyway, going forward to today, I've missed tons of training runs. I visited and got a foam roller, a rolling-pin like massage device, and an IT band strap. I also have had an hour long massage therapy session. I think I'm on the mend, but mileage wise, I'm in trouble and the 50 miler on Dec. 6 is seriously in doubt. Here's how this week has gone:

Monday -- hour long massage that hurt so much that I could hardly sleep that night.
Tue. -- pathetic 2 miles. My IT band hurt from around mile 0.8.
Thur. -- 5.4 miles. Pain free, yay!
Sat. -- 5.4 miles, pain free again!
Sun. -- 6 miles. Felt a sudden twinge around mile 5.3 and then again at 5.9. I stopped immediately both times.

So, my plan is to use that foam roller and really loosen up my left vastus lateralis . And my gluts. Just sitting down for long periods makes my butt muscles burn. Sigh. Let's see how this next week goes. I'm thinking that if I can't do a comfortable 25 miles or so in the next two weeks, I'm going to have to pass on the race.


Prudence said...

Ron-been thinking about you all week. I am hoping the IT band is doing better. Have you been able to do any riding at least? Go get another massage too.
gurr - I know how frustrating this crap is :(

Ron Little said...

Thanks for the consolation, Prudence. It's easy for me to get depressed about this, so no, I haven't done much bicycling. I should keep up the aerobic exercise to maximize my chances of being able to do the race. I do have an appointment to get acupuncture; I'm personally skeptical, but Jennifer has thoughtfully scheduled an appointment for me.

Franz said...

Ron, I sure hope things turn around for ya and you can make the NF50.

Acupuncture is an interesting thing, some swear by it others... well think it's crazy. I've had 2 courses of acu. treatment for non-running injuries. I never had a definitive conclusion as to if it worked or not. I do think that there's a mental component. If you want it to help it will. But, it's your mind healing your body with the acu. simply acting as a trigger.

Hopefully the acu. in conjunction with your other treatment will get ya to the NF50 finish line.

It's good to see you're getting some pain-free runs in. Keep it up.


Ron Little said...

Thanks, Franz, I appreciate the encouragement. I'll try to at least get the aerobic exercise going strong and take it easy on the miles.

Nancy Savino said...
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Prudence said...

Hey Ron I was just thinking that since it's not me it's easy for me to think " How could you be thinking about TNF 50?" But if I were you I would be planning on it and holding out til that last second to see if I could pull it off. Seems so clear when it's not me!! when it is - I am super blind. This is how it's been for the last couple months as you know :( take it easy on yourself and no downhills!!!

Ron Little said...

Sounds like a good plan, Prudence. I'm going to decide at the last minute whether or not to show up at the starting line. And if I do show up, I won't be afraid to quit right away if my knee or hip start hurting.

Yeah, I agree it's easier to have the right perspective when looking at another runner as opposed to oneself!

I hope we can both make it to the race, but it's looking very unlikely for me.

Frayed Laces said...

Man, it seems like everyone is having IT problems lately. Take it easy!

Ron Little said...

Thanks, FL, for the support. These minor injuries make me really appreciate the times when running is easy and comfortable and seemingly effortless.

On a separate note, I think, FL, you just pushed me over the edge.... I have a couple friends running it and it is a really special event.

I cleared it with my wife, filled out the form, authorized $116 on good ol' Mr. Visa, and... BOSTON, HERE I COME!