Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Run 10K -- 37:09

It was a cool overcast day -- perfect for running. This is the 4th time I've run this 10K (6.21 miles), I think. I had set a personal record two years ago of 36:46 (5:55 a mile average pace) and I had hoped to do better, but realistically, given that I've done almost no speedwork this year, that just wasn't going to happen.

But first, the kid's run! Claire was a trooper and ran the whole way down two long city blocks and back. I'm proud of her!
Then the 10K started and it had some good runners. Two guys I had met at our weekly club meet just the day before, Thomas and Jose, showed up this morning due to me having invited them. They're fast! They run for the College of San Mateo cross-country team. Jose said he ran a 4 mile race just last Friday in 20+ minutes. Wow. So, he and Thomas burned up the course, placing first (33+ minutes) and second. Then the guy who barely beat me in the half marathon finished. And then another young kid. And finally, me. 5th place. 37:09. Given my training, I'm not disappointed, but I can't help thinking, am I "over the hill"? Have I run the fastest 10K I'll ever run? I hope not! Next year...

Jennifer and her sister Lisa ran the 5K which started shortly after the 10K. They did well and ran the whole thing. Lisa might have caught the running bug -- she wants to do another 5K!

It was fun seeing so many friends from the Coastside Running Club. We had many volunteers, including Ken who led the field on the bicycle, and many others who handed out water at one of the two aid stations.

Thanks, everyone! And a big thanks to Michelle for watching Claire while Jennifer and I ran.

Random race notes:

I weighed on the high side -- 167.4 lbs. It's possible that a bunch of this was water weight. I was mildly sick with stomach problems (ok, diarrhea) this whole week including the race day. Fortunately, I didn't have any problems during the race.

I ate a banana and some bread about 2 hours before the race.

I wore my lightweight 10K running shoes. My left calf started getting sore during the race. I think it's OK, but I ran 8 miles the next evening and was sore all over the place. That might've been a mistake.

Time to concentrate on building up for the 50 miler on Dec. 6.


Prudence said...

Clair is too cute!

I hope your training is going well - better than mine at least. foot is not there yet. I want to hear about your training since I'm not doing any!!

Ron Little said...

Hey, Prudence! Thanks, regarding Claire. I'm proud of her.

Ahh, the training. What's so funny is that I was thinking this week, "I wish I could get in the miles like Prudence."

I've just had weird soreness that got kicked off by doing an 8 mile run the day after the 10k. I should've stopped at the beginning of the run because I was sore in all kinds of new and exciting areas -- right ankle, left forefoot, left calf, side of left knee, left hip, left buttock. Sheesh!

Anyway... long story short, this week has been:
Tue.: 6.2 miles on Montara Mt.
Wed.: 9 miles coastal
Thur.: 8.9 miles Montara Mt. Felt some of this new soreness.
Fri.: rested; want to be healthy
Sat.: will try for 12 miles.
Sun.: will try for 15 or so.