Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Merritt 10K - 40:27

I ran an impromptu 10K race this morning instead of doing a long run. I figured it'd be good to get some speedwork in and it's always fun to run somewhere new and to enter a race. This running club, Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders, puts on a 5K and 10K race every 4th Sunday of each month. It only costs $5 and they hand out ribbons to the age-group award winners.

So... in spite of my telling myself repeatedly not to go out too fast, of course I did. It's so hard to hold back when I'm feeling great! So, after a 5:30 or so first mile, I start slowing down and by the end of mile 2 I'm actually struggling, feeling the lactic acid burn in my legs, feeling overheated and my heart pounding, and sweat stinging in my eyes. Sheesh! I almost called it quits and did the 5K instead. (Each loop around the lake is 5K.) But I held on, slowed down, and finished in 3rd place overall.

Thanks to Bill, my friend and coworker, for encouraging me to show up. I want to run this course again and improve!