Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Rocket Run 5 Mile -- 1st!

What an excellent Independence Day! The day began with a 5.0 mile Rocket Run in Pacifica, and hanging out with a bunch of friends from the Coastside Running Club. Shockingly, I started off in the lead, and stayed in front the whole time, with a police car leading the way. There was one steep hill in the middle, on Alicante Drive, but thanks to a recent speed workout there, I felt familiar with it. I kept expecting to hear footsteps behind me, and the last couple of miles felt difficult, but I finished in 30 minutes 11 seconds. I may be old, but apparently, I can still move! :-)

The race is extremely generous with the rewards! More than half of the 63 finishers received awards. 
 The fireworks in the evening were a lot of fun, too. Pacifica goes nuts with the illegal fireworks, and it's a little scary (especially for pets) but was admittedly fun for us.

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