Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fun Local Hilly 7K -- Father-Daughter 1st Place Finishes

What a fun morning! We had a family race day in nearby Pacifica. The race was super-casual, with just 15 people in the 7K and 50 people in the 5K. I ran the very hilly 7K and my daughter Claire ran the 5K.

Amazingly, Claire came in first overall, due to some of the leaders turning around way too early and having to go back out again to run the full course. Claire ran smart, stayed on course, and beat her personal record for the 5K by about 30 seconds, finishing in 29:30.

I raced the 7K which ran up the switchbacks of the Hazlenut Trail in San Pedro Valley Park, and I started off fast and stayed in front the whole way. I enjoyed flying down the downhill; I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I did the loop in 33 minutes 9 seconds at an average pace of about 7 minutes 12 seconds a mile.

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