Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crystal Springs Watershed 20 Miles


My iliotibial band (IT Band) problem seems to have finally been solved! I had a wonderful 20 mile slow social run on a beautiful day last Saturday.

My running club organized a charity run in a closed-to-the-public area near the Crystal Springs Watershed. 21 runners (well, 20 runners and one bicyclist) participated and we've blown past our goal of raising at least $750 for a scholarship for a Half Moon Bay High School cross-country runner.


Accomplished ultramarathon runner, Jean Pommier, in front of Pilarcitos Lake.


Frayed Laces said...

wow that view is amazing!

Ron Little said...

:-) I like it here. We both have a lot of great views, but there are times when I wish it were warmer and less foggy here.